R&D for Web3 Security and Privacy

PriFi Labs innovates and conducts in-depth research on Web3 Technology.
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Our Research and Innovation


ZK Team

Share ownership of accounts among team members while upholding their individual privacy.
Technology: Account Abstraction, Zero Knowledge Proof
Grant: Ethereum Foundation
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The Locker

Save your wallet mnemonic phrase with our mnemonic backup system.
Technology: Secret Network, TEE, Shamir's Secret Sharing
Grant: Secret Network
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Meet our team

Thierry Sans
Blockchain Researcher
Associate Professor in Computer Science at University of Toronto
David Liu
Blockchain Researcher
Builder of 40+ dApps and CTO of Uniblock
Howe Gu
Head of Global Strategy, Customer Transformation at Microsoft
Kevin Callahan
Former Head of Growth at Coinbase, Former Head of Global Business Strategy at Twitter
Kevin Oh
Blockchain Developer
Expert with Full Stack development on Secret Network and Ethereum
Nikhil Lakhwani
Frontend Developer
Creative UI Designer and Frontend React development
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